Husky NFT Business Cards - Collection 1

The Husky team is happy to announce the release of the first ever collection of NFT business cards on Avalanche, the Husky NFT Business Cards - Collection 1 specifically created for the Lisbon Blockchain Week.

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October 22, 2021

The Husky team is happy to announce the release of the first ever collection of NFT business cards on Avalanche, the Husky NFT Business Cards - Collection 1. This collection of NFT business cards was specifically created for the Lisbon Blockchain Week and are collateralized with their own exclusive NFT on the Avalanche network.

200 unique NFT Business Cards

Created by Camilo, Chief Marketing Officer at Husky, this collection is composed of 200 unique and numbered business cards. Each card is paired with a unique NFT, with eight different levels of rarity. The rarity is determined by several criteria:

  • The shape of the hand (more than 10 different shapes)
  • The colors
  • The collector accessories

Each NFT is unique, because each one is based on a combination of elements. Each hand shape is worth a specific number of points according to its rarity level, and the same goes for the colors and the collector accessories.

According to the established criteria, the total points level determines the rarity level of each NFT. A badge located at the bottom left of the NFT allows for the identification of the rarity level:

  • Common: 2 to 5 points
  • Uncommon: 6 to 10 points
  • Rare: 11 to 20 points
  • Epic: 21 to 30 points
  • Legendary: 31 to 40 points
  • Mythic: 41 to 50 points
  • Relic: 51+ points

Each card has a unique QR code accessible only to the owner of the business card. You just have to fill in a small form and the NFT will be sent to your X-Chain Avalanche wallet.

If the owner so chooses, they will be able to sell or exchange their NFT on Kalao, an NFT marketplace and official partner of Husky, where the collection will be validated. Listing on Kalao will also allow those who are interested to begin a collection quest to gather all NFTs of the same hand shape or color:

  • Challenge 1: collect all NFTs with hand shape number 4.
  • Challenge 2: collect all NFTs with orange color (very rare).
  • Challenge 3: collect all NFTs with special hand shapes (astronaut, robot, zombie, etc...).

As they are very limited, each business card becomes a very rare object and enhances the exchanges. The cards will be distributed during professional or conventional meetings during the Lisbon Blockchain Week events, and are held by four members of the official Husky team:

  • Paps (CEO): 50 cards
  • Camilo (CMO): 50 cards
  • L$30 (NFT Director): 50 cards
  • Alfred (Merchandising Director): 50 cards

As mentioned above, each card has a unique design. The concept is based on different hand shapes as they hold a Husky business card and there are two styles of hand shapes:

  • Classic hand shapes: 8 with an established rarity level
  • Special collector shapes: Zombie, Astronaut, Robot, Husky

Each hand shape is colored in one of ten different colors, with each color having an established rarity level that increases the rarity points of each card. There are also collector accessories that boost the number of collector points, making them ultra-rare Mythic or Relic cards. These accessories are:

  • A unique Lord of the Rings ring
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Tattoos
  • Nail polish
  • Watches
  • A Fallout Pipboy bracelet

With specific combinations, you can acquire ultra-rare NFTs to complete your collection.

We are aware that many people will not be able to acquire these NFT cards because they are not lucky enough to be present in Lisbon. As a thank you to the Husky community and supporters, a portion of the cards will be used as a one-time giveaway and sent around the world to those unable to attend.

The date and instructions for this giveaway will be communicated very soon. This giveaway will be on a first come, first served basis, so make sure to stay tuned for more information.

The launch of this first collection of NFT Husky business cards is the first step in an exciting line of upcoming news. We strive to break new ground in the creation of NFTs and bring real value to the Avalanche ecosystem through unique and original marketing actions. We are proud to be able to inspire other projects and continue to collaborate with our official partners.

The Husky team is determined to design innovative products in the NFT marketplace, creating real-world merchandise and apparel sold paired with unique NFTs in our eShop. The Husky team will continue their mission to become a major player in the Avalanche NFT ecosystem.

So don't forget, if you are in Lisbon, come and meet us to receive your collector's Husky NFT Business Card. And if not, stay tuned for a chance to receive one at home!

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