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Husky 3D NFTs First Collection

October 17, 2021

Husky 3D is the first NFT collection made by Husky Avax artist L$30 The collection of 5,000 NFTs will be comprised of 100 different 3D huskies featuring different textures and skins, all with varying levels of rarity, including two completely unique designs.

Holders of the Huksy Avax token will directly benefit from the sale of the Husky 3D NFT! 30% of the initial NFT sale will be used to buy back Husky Avax tokens for either a token burn or to provide locked liquidity. The Husky community will decide this via poll at a later date. 10% of the initial sale will be used for marketing Husky Avax and for CEX listings. 5% of each transaction on the Husky NFT marketplace will be reflected to holders of the Husky 3D NFTs.

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