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Husky x Trader Joe Merchandising Collaboration is here!

The Husky team is proud to announce the launch of our first merchandise collaboration with Trader Joe! Our collaboration with them is a step forward for both of our projects in offering unique, collectable merchandise collateralized with NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain.

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Last update: 17 sept 12AM

Husky Avax was stealth-launched on May 12th, 2021 and runs on the Avalanche C-Chain. The Husky Avax contract is behind an 1800-year time lock and features renounced ownership, locked initial liquidity, and a hard-capped supply with no mint function. 

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Meet the Husky Avax token

What is Husky Avax?

Husky Avax is a community-driven token native to the Avalanche blockchain. The Husky team and community are rallied behind the goal of turning Husky Avax into a token who’s utility will be a driving force in the burgeoning Avalanche NFT marketplace. Husky Avax exists on Avalanche for a reason, as it is a secure and decentralized blockchain where transactions are fast, cheap, and environmentally friendly.

Why work with us?

If your team is interested in capitalizing on the production of artistic or musical NFT’s, or in creating real-world merchandise sold paired with their own NFT’s, you’re in the right place.

The first eShop on the Avalanche network

The eShop

A fully functional eShop where you will be able to purchase real-world merchandise and apparel and receive not just the item, but a unique NFT tied to that item, verifying your purchase as authentic and ensuring the collectability and resale value of that item.

Merchandise Collaborations

The eShop will feature exclusive lines of items made in collaboration with artists, musicians, and other DeFi projects on the Avalanche network.


The eShop is in development and will launch in Q4 2021.

Husky is supported by many popular artists in the music industry

Why musical NFT’s?

Music motivates and drives us forward, and the Husky team wants to create a truly unique musical experience, combining the works of popular artists with Avalanche NFT blockchain technology.

Why work with us?

Does music drive you, too? Do you want to be on the forefront of bringing musical NFT’s to a mainstream audience? Let us know; we’d love to work with you as well.

Unique, artistic, limited-edition Husky NFT’s

The first Husky NFT collection featuring art by L$30

The initial collection will be comprised of 5,000 NFT’s based on 100 different designs with 27 different levels of rarity. Rarity will be determined by the skin and texture of each NFT. Additionally, there will be two completely unique NFT’s whose properties will not be present on any NFT other than themselves.

More to come…

The Husky team aims to create a hub of artistic and musical expression, and will continue to showcase upcoming artists with limited releases of exclusive NFT’s.

Use the Husky BSC bridge to move your Husky from BSC to Avalanche

Use the bridge and join the growing Avalanche ecosystem

Developed by the Husky team, the Husky BSC bridge allows for the safe transfer of your Husky Avax tokens from the Binance Smart Chain to the Avalanche network. You can buy Husky Avax with your BNB on the Binance Smart Chain, and then use the Husky BSC bridge to move those tokens to the Avalanche network.

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february 2022

Whitepaper Release

Learn about the long-term goals and ideals of the Husky project, Husky NFT’s, and the Husky Avax token


Husky Staking

Release of the first eShop connected to Avalanche.


Husky eShop

Release of the first eShop connected to Avalanche.


Discover Husky and Husky community NFT's collections

View past and present collections of NFT’s designed by the Husky team and the Husky community.


The driving force behind Husky

Husky has always been a community-driven project, and it’s potential is constantly evolving thanks to a dedicated and passionate community.

the team behind husky

We’re a tight-knit team of artists, marketers, and cryptocurrency experts

The Husky team is dedicated to growing the Husky community, the Husky Avax token, and Husky NFT projects into a driving force in the Avalanche DeFi marketspace.

the community behind husky

The catalyst behind Husky’s success

Husky would not be where it is today without such a strong and supportive community. Every day the community continues to grow, and the Husky team remains in awe of their contributions and enthusiasm.

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Whether it is your first time using cryptocurrency or you’re a crypto-veteran who is new to the Avalanche network, these resources will help educate you about Husky, Avalanche, and many other related topics.

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Help Center

Husky believes in quality first, and all of our projects are backed by our continued support.


Learn how to buy Husky, navigate the Avalanche ecosystem, and many other cryptocurrency tips & tricks.


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